Brand Zero Pratibimb Craft Stencil - Code: BZPCS-1001

Brand Zero Pratibimb Craft Stencils:

Zero Brand Pratibimb Craft Stencils are made of very high and good quality stencils making sheets, Which can be used multiple times, We also understand individual requirements, So we are providing them in multiple sizes which will perfectly suits your project requirements, May be a Coaster, Jewellery making, Decorating MDF Bases, Bottles, Metal Bases, Trays, Ceramic Bases, Card Making, Scrap Booking, Art Journal, Mixed Media Backgrounds, Texture Making, Decorating Name Plates, Walls, Doors, Tables, Wardrobes, Shelfs, Furnitures Decoration and many more.

Sizes: Stencils Available in multiple sizes, Ranging from 3"*3", 4"*4", 5"*5", 6"*6", 7"*7", 8"*8", 9"*9", 10"*10", 11"*11", 12"*12", 13"*13", 14"*14", 15"*15", 16"*16",  2"*6", 2"*4", 3"*6", 4"*8", 5"*10", 6"*12", 7"*14", 8"*16", 9"*18", 10"*20", 11"*22" And Many more.

Click on the drop down icon to select your preferred size as per the requirement for your projects.

We can also customize any other sizes as per your requirement. Contact us on 7718893692 / 9096954958 for more details.

Care, Storage & Uses:

Zero Brand Pratibimb Stencils are made of very high quality stencils making sheets, Which is easy to Clean and also have a hole on the top for hanging(Storage Purpose). Use Binder Rings to keep your stencils together.

Wash the stencils immediately after use, Clean them with soap water or wet wipes or in running water Dry and store flat, Some inks may stain the stencil, But will not affect its performance. 

Perfect for use with Inks, Alcohol Inks, Paints, Chalk, Paints, Acrylic Paints, Sprays, Pigment Powers Texture, Paste, Modeling Paste, Embossing Paste, Air Brushing, Glittering, Bleaching, Sponging Chalking, Heat, Embossing, Stamping & Resist Techniques, Dry, Embossing, Mixed Media Techniques and Many more. 

Stencils can be used on Papers, Fabrics, Wood, Glass Earthen Materials, Metal, Wall Artefacts, Vessels and Many more.

How To Use Zero Brand Pratibimb Craft Stencils

Step 1: Use Masking tape or Low-tack adhesive on all four sides, to secure and prevent stencil from moving around.

Step 2:  Pick up some wet Mediums like Paint, Inks Etc, on Stencil Brush or Sponge or Foam or Pallet Knife.

Step 3: Apply the Wet Mediums over the secured Stencil, gently using Stencil Brush or Sponge or Foam or Pallet Knife.

Step 4: Once done remove stencil by gently lifting up from one corner carefully.

Benifits Of Using Zero Brand Pratibimb Stencils:

1. Rounded Corner - Does not hurt.

2. Versatile - Use It on any surface.

3. Washable - It can be washed.

4. Reusable- It can be used many times.

5. Heat Resistent- It can be heat embossed.

6. Translucent - Visible surface gives perfect positioning.

7. Flexible - Easy to use on curved surface.

8. Food Safe - Use on Cakes, Cookies, etc.

Note: Make a few experiments on a piece of paper, before using the stencil on your projects.

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