Brand Zero Mirrors - Design 4

Mirrors make a huge impact on various art craft and home decor projects, wall decals, and makes a great personalized gift! Make a framed mirror piece as a focal point in any room and an eye catching metal wall art sculpture that can be used as both modern or rustic wall art. Effortlessly blends in with wood, metal and marble fixtures and surfaces to create a wonderful designed home decal aesthetic. Whether you want to create a wall mirror for your home or as a gift, make a DIY decorative mirror that will double as a wall art decor piece. Use as table scatter for weddings, place around the gift table and wedding money box; they add shine in table centrepieces, as part of a starburst mirror, makeup mirrors, and mirror vases. Mirrors can help turn all your arts and craft projects into something spectacular. Turn a dull uninspired frameless mirror into a work of art. Embellish with a decorative border by gluing small mirrors side by side and atop one another for a varied but unified modern look. Intricate mosaic tilling is one of many uses for these arts and crafts pieces. Add to picture frames, jewellery boxes, walls, mirrors, doors, lockers. 

The package contains 10 grams mirrors.

Quantity and Size shown in the image 

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