Brand Zero MDF Circular Paneled Clock Base- 12 Inches Diameter

Brand Zero MDF Circular Paneled Clock Base- 12 Inches Diameter,

This is the perfect base for making mixed media, decoupage, coloring, DIY Projects, Resin Art And Home decor.

This Clock Sets Comes with Below Parts.

  1. 12 Inches Diameter Approx Circular Plank of 4 mm Thickness.
  2. 12 Pcs of 4 mm Thickness Pannels.
  3. Provided with a set of Mdf back hook and support base upon wooden block to make balance of gap created between clock base and wall because of clock machine

Brand Zero By Nagashri Arts brings you perfect DIY and Ready to use MDF Bases which can be used for Decoupage, Mixed Media, Scrapbooking, Tags, Jewellery Making, Stencilling, Stamping, Colouring, Painting, Spray Painting, Chalk Painting, Acrylic Painting, Dot Mandala Painting, Dot Painting, Single stroke Painting, Glittering, Creating Textures and Layers, Embellishments, Sequences, Miniatures, Sculpture Painting, Alcohol Ink Painting, Beads Art Painting, Clay Art, Beads And Laces, Can be used in Albums, Photo Frames, Wall Decors, Home Decors, As an Activity for Kids, Decorating your hand made craft projects And many more to flaunt your Skills.

These are Made of Good and High Quality MDF, Ultra Smooth Surface, Zero Bubble Finish, Borer Resistance, Environment Friendly. Which is not harmful, with Smooth Edges, Nice finish, User and children friendly.

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