Brand Zero Kalaratna Art Stones -Mix Size From 2 mm To 4 mm  - Light Brown Colour - Pack of 50 Grams

Color :- Light Brown
Size :- Mix From 2mm To 4 mm
Quantity :- Pack of 50 grams

Brand Zero Brings you this wonderful Kalaratna Art Stones in verity of Sizes and Colour essential for Mixed Media, Creating Textures, in Many more Art & Craft And DIY Projects.

These are Light Weight, Non acidic, Non toxic, Non Rusting, Non Melting, Non evaporating Stones, which can be used Directly or Can be changed colours by using any of the Chalk Paint Colour, Metalic Colour, Acrylic Colour, Water Colour, Postal Colours etc..

Use them to create wonderful textures by using Different Sizes or Using only one size. It also gels very well with any of the Art medium And Glue, You can also sprinkle over sticky surface and let it dry for beautiful textures.  

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