Brand Zero Crystal Stones - Micro - 50 Grams Jar - Combo of 11 Color Jars of 50 Grams Each

Weight : 50 Grams Jar of 11 Colors

Color : Alabaster, Purssian, Blush Red, Bubblegum, Sapphire, Bumblebee, Orchid, Lemon, Seeweed, Shamrock And Tangerine.

Size : 0.5mm to 1.0mm

Brand Zero Crystal Stones by Nagashri Arts, are light-weight ‘stones’ that can be used to add attractive texture effect to your mixed media projects.

These are availabel in 50 Grams Jar, Use in their natural color, Or mix with Chalk Paints, Sprinkle Mist, Mica
Powders, Gesso, Acrylic Color etc…

Crystal Stones available in verity of colour at Brand Zero.

It gels very well with any art mediums or you can directly glue or sprinkle over gel to stick directly on a project.

These are non – toxic and will be safe for years.

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