Tricolor Jute Twine String 10 Meter Roll - Natural Orange Green 3 Ply - 2mm Diameter

Tricolor Jute Twine String 10 Meter Roll - 3 Ply 2mm Diameter - Eco-Friendly Natural Jute String Rope

  • It is an ideal item to apply in each case such as gift wrapping, handmade, scrapbook making, flower art, marriage preparation and so on.
  • It can be applied to the production of baskets, bouquets, ribbons such as gifts, bow, and bowls.
  • This jute string is soft and durable, and it will not damage the goods both when bundling and when hanging.
  • This jute string is durable and long enough.
  • This natural jute string can be applied to various situations such as gardening, recycling, DIY packaging, room decoration, binding, etc.
  • It is a wonderful scrolling that can be applied to everyday home such as packaging, handmade, gardening, garage, hardware.

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