Expressions Craft- Valentine Medley - Two tone Rose yellow


Two tone ROSE yellow
Individual flowers with stems

5cm Big flower Head (2 inch)

3 cm mini flower height (1.2 inch)

cm medium bud head (1.2 inch)

3 cm medium bud height (1.2 inch)

1cm small bud head (0.4 inch)

3cm small bud height (1.2 inch)

6cm leaf breadth (2.3 inch)

13cm leaf height with stem (5.1 inch)


Crafters meet our most popular DIY project supply! These gorgeous Handmade flowers are made and colored from premium quality and ecofriendly artisan craft paper. The flowers are presented in a pack size 18×9.5x3cm.

Sold in a pack of 14 pcs. 5 Big flowers and 3 medium buds, 2small buds, 2 leaves and two tendrils.

Imagine endless possibilities for (crafting) mixed media, scrapbook, layouts, DIY crafts, home décor and favors!

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