Brand Zero Smart Roller Kit with Tray - 2.5 Inches * 8 Inches

Create a Sponge Texture on wood, metal, painted or plastic surfaces. Can be used in Decoupage for Spreading the glue evenly and to remove air bubble from the base surface. Can be used for Stencils, Corner Paintings of Tables, Touchup and to give Roller Effect, The Size of the Sponge is perfect and handy for covering big surfaces with ease.

The Size of the Smart Roller Kit with Tray are as follows:

Tray: 10.0 cm * 23.0 cm

Sponge: 5 Centimeter (2 Inches * 1.25 Inches)

Handle: 19.5 Centimeter

Color:  Black

Maintenance Tips for Smart Roller Kit Tool:

  1. Remove the extra paint from the tool post painting.
  2. Wash the foam roller in water after usage.
  3. Wash the tray in water/thinner throughly ( never let the paint dry on the tool)
  4. Dry the tool properly and store in a damp-proof container away from direct sunlight in a cool and dry place.

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