A Variety Of Different Carving Shapes To Give You More Flexibility For Your Designs Great For Clay, Paint, Foam Crafts, Wood Models, Art Projects, Sculpture And Other Craft Projects Used For Brushing, Scraping, Cleaning, Smoothing, Shaping, Sculpting And So On.

This set is great for carpenters, wood-workers, professionals and hobbyists. The tools have metal blades and a pen-style body with wooden handles.

These tools are ideal for wood-work, carving, lathing etc. and can be used for both rough carving as well as fine detailing.

  • Hobby Wood Cutter Set of 3 includes 3 different blades for different shapes.
  • Long narrow handle is comfortable for most hands. Blades made from high-quality tool metal.
  • Material: Metal Blade + Wood
  • 3 different shapes ideal for basic and detailed carving on Wood, Clay, Wax.
  • A great set for the new carver.
  • Includes Knives, Gouges and Chisels of Different Sizes and Shapes
  • Good-Quality Metal Blades for Fine Carving and Chiseling. Pen Style Body with Wooden Handles Provides Comfort and Ease of Use.

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